‘Constructed Worlds’, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, 2020.

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https://academiciansgallery.org/exhibitions/12-calum-colvin-rsa-constructed-worlds/overview/ Calum Colvin: Constructed Worlds, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh ***** By Duncan MacmillanWednesday, 29th January 2020, 1:31 pm 

What would moments of reflection, of consciousness, or memory look like, if indeed we ever could record such a thing? Calum Colvin has a shot … Continued

A Guide To: Ornithology

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Over the course of my career representations of birds have frequently appeared within my work.  These are sometimes present as detail and often as central motif.   Generally, in the photographs, they function as symbols that signify various forms of human conceit, carelessness … Continued

A Guide To: Sacred and Profane

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Fig.i Calum ColvinThe Death of Venus, 1986 ‘Sacred and Profane’ 1998, was an exhibition of eight large-scale photographic artworks commissioned by the National Galleries of Scotland. The works are investigations of well known paintings in the collection such as Titian, Rubens … Continued

A Guide To: Natural Magic

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 ‘Natural Magic’ was a 2009 AHRC sponsored project ( AHRC Research Leave Award 2007) relating to stereoscopic photography in collaboration with Professor Nicholas Wade, a visual psychologist at the University of Dundee.  The project is an interdisciplinary investigation into two-dimensional and … Continued

A Guide to: Burnsiana

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A miscellany of contextual information on the images and related ruminations. Dirt and Deity This work entitled ‘Dirt & Deity’ is based on a Silhouette, or shade by John Miers, cut in 1787 when the poet was 35 years old. … Continued

A Guide to: Jacobites by Name

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A guide to the works as displayed in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery 14/11/15 – 28/3/16 exhibition/intervention Jacobites by Name, which was installed within the permanent display Imagining Power: The Visual Culture of the Jacobite Cause in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.  … Continued